The Guy with the BIG LENS

You may have seen me and wondered who is that guy with a big lens is he shooting an ad, does he work for Northern Beaches Council or should I just do my best to just stay out of his way? Well the answer to those questions is No, No and No I'm there to photograph your pets and create great images that may get posted on the "Bayview Dog Park" FB group.

I could use your help to get the best images possible of your pet. What I need is interaction, if your throwing a ball please throw it towards me so I can photograph your dogs face instead of ummm (Tail)! Also come and say hello to me and tell me a bit about your dog so I can capture the true character and personality.

If you haven't seen me but are interested where to find me just send me a message and I will tell you where I will be next or you can book me to just photograph your dog in their favourite location.

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