Older Dog Photo Shoot

Today I was commissioned to photograph an older dog, this poor little dog had lost pretty much all his sight and hearing, although it wasn't mentioned of course his days on this earth were limited and it was up to me to create something that his owner could have forever, a memory that would represent the love and companionship that they had shared for so many years.

I knew there would be challenges in such a photo shoot so I decided a controlled environment would be best and I set up my studio for the occasion. All my usual tricks to get the dogs reactions where not going to work as he couldn't hear me or see me but what really worried me was he could easily fall from my shooting table so I involved his owner to stand close by and make sure he didn't fall.

The good news is we got some great shots, but it made me think how short a dog life is and how important it is to have memories of their whole life. It is easy to put things off till next week but next week turns into a month which then turns into a year which then can leave you saying "I should have done it years ago".

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