Unleashed Northern Beaches is an idea that came to me while experimenting with a new camera system. I found I was capturing expressions and emotions in the dogs that I had rarely seen before and when looking around I found most dog photographers where taking portraits that of course made the dog pretty but I felt was not capturing the true nature of the dog, the personality that really comes out when the dog has been UNLEASED and allowed to be its self.


Each time I go out shooting I create a gallery for that day which you can get access to by clicking the link on the home page and you will be directed to the list of galleries which are organised by date. Click on the date you saw me and you can then get access to those photos. From there you are able to purchase "Digital" images in "WEB RESOLUTION" 800px, "LARGE RESOLUTION" 5000px or "ORIGINAL RESOLUTION".

Each gallery will be available for only 10days before it is removed.

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Dogs at their best