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Unleashed Northern Beaches photographs dogs in natural environments with natural light and natural poses.My goal is to capture your dogs true character in such a way that it is worthy of being hung on your wall and enjoyed for ever.Our dogs are our best friends, they are always there when we need them and give us unconditional love that only a dog parent can truely understand, as fun as my job is I do take my responsibility very serious as I know my images must represent the unconditional love that the dog has brought into your "Fur Family".

Fur Art Photography

There is a good reason they call them "puppy dog eyes" We all melt when look into those eyes and briefly forget about the worries of the world, all we feel is love and kindness!

It is not long before your puppy grows into those giant ears, big paws and then progresses to the next stage of their life The Teenager!

Certain characteristics never change in your dog so by having a beautiful piece of wall art to remind you of the little bundle of joy you brought home to your life you will immortalise those memories as well as have a great talking point for visitors to your home.

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“Home is where the heart is” 

Dedicate a wall of your home to one of your family members.

Natural Natural Natural
I have three rules that I follow to create my

“Fur Art Portraits”

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Kevin Case
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Natural Location


I always photograph my dogs out doors in a location where they relax. My style of photography is about "Environmental Portraiture", to me the location is every bit as important to the image as the dog itself. I like to compliment a beautiful portrait with beautiful colours from the natural Australian landscape.

Silky Terrior

Natural Light

To me natural light is a key to great Dog Portraits. I like to photograph either early in the morning when the sun is low, cloudy days or I set up in the shade for lovely soft light. I could take a short cut and use artificial light however I’m not a big fan of the reflection that comes back in the eyes, I would much rather see the environment reflect back in the eyes.

“The eyes never lie”.

American Staffy
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Natural Pose


If your dog will stay on command that is great, but in my experience that is often not the case! I find that dogs are really comfortable when their owner is next to them, so I often use a trick and technology to remove an owner from a photo, this might sound like cheating but to me it is really important that the dog has a good time the dog doesn’t understand what a photoshoot is and often dogs are asked to follow commands that don’t make sense to them, so I find by using this technic I am able to make the event enjoyable for everyone as well as getting images of a happy dog instead of an anxious one.

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